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Sdfssvc.exe is being blocked (Spybot S&D)


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I have also received repeated messages that "IP-BLOCK (Type: incoming, Port: 21320, Process: sdfssvc.exe)" This occurs every half hour or so and the blocking seems to have started mid October, 2013. Only recently (Jan, 2014) has it increased to every half hour.

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I, too, see that MBAM blocked (Type: incoming, Port: 21320, Process: sdfssvc.exe). Looking at: Program Files (x86) / Spybot -Search & Destroy / SDFSSvc.exe; directly below there is "SDFSSvc.exe.log." In my machine, this .txt file contains three lines which are as follows:


    14-04-13 20:33:09    TFileScanHTTPDaemon    Successfully started listening on port 21323.
    14-04-13 20:33:09    TFileScanHTTPDaemon    Successfully started listening on port 21323.
    14-04-13 21:35:31    TFileScanHTTPDaemon    Successfully started listening on port 21323.


What was it listening for? MBAM blocked the incoming, so it never 'heard' anything. Should I tell MBAM to make an exception? Would really appreciate some advice on this issue.





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