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MyPC Backup false NEGATIVE

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I was disappointed that MWB didn't address the issue of this annoying, unsolicited always-on-top popup trying to get me to backup my PC. It got the Outobox PUP that was also bundled w/what I intended to install, but why not MyPC Backup? It turns out that this has been declared a false positive (https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=130988) Well, I can tell you that it wasn't installed w/my consent or even awareness until it was too late. This is definitely a PUP (if not an UP)

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MyPC backup comes bundled with known adware and even on freshly installed laptops (companies like Acer bundle loads of crap with new laptops). The app in itself is not malicious other than the fact it's PUP. Some users could actually buy/install it from the MyPC backup website with the intention of using it (however stupid, it's possible). So marking it as malware and deleting/blocking it automatically could hinder intended use.


That being said, I think the installation of the program you intended to install should have been the one that had to be marked/blocked. This is the culprit that installed the adware. Target the cause, not the effect.


As a tip: do not use the CNET downloader, it is one of the sources bundling this kind of obnoxious (P)UPs. Better yet, avoid the CNET website altogether.

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How did you know I downloaded it from CNET? I assumed they were a clean place to go, but they sure changed that opinion in a hurry!

I'm not sure why we shouldn't target MyPC Backup. Because sometimes they are installed legitimately and we therefore have to accept the unwanted occurrences? It tested positive on the Outobox PUP. What's the difference?

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I agree the MyPC backup is more often unwanted than wanted and to be honest not needed, but there's no way of knowing for sure which is the case. You're right to say It is strange however that it did not end up in the optional PUP list (that's not checked for removal by default). 


The CNET tip was a lucky guess. The download manager they offer is know for bundling all kinds of crap with the program you actually want.

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