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Possible false positive Trojan.Agent


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Last night MBAM found Trojan.Agent while my son (E) was on his limited account. Strangely, it was on his brother (A) account. I let MBAM try and get rid of it but upon reboot it was found again. I exited out of his account and ran MBAM and Emsisoft Anti-Malware on my administrator account and nothing was found. I logged into his brothers (A) account this am and it found 2 Trojan.Agent in (E) account. I let it try and get rid of them and it did get rid of one of them but upon reboot, one Trojan.Agent remains in Each boys account. I have to wonder if this is not a fp associated with family safety or something? The computer is Windows 8.1 x64 with very little other software installed. I just reinstalled windows recently and upgraded to 8.1. It "should" be clean...


Thanks in advance,



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According to the log, c:\users\eli\documents\my pictures is actually a file that is detected here.

Can you please verify if this is the case?? I know there's a folder there which is also called "My Pictures", but in this case, (in your case), there's also a file present there, called My pictures (so not a folder).

If so, can you zip and attach this file here?

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Might have been a reading error maybe and that's why we made a small change to that detection, so it won't detect this anymore just in case of a reading error.

Can you update the database and see if it's still detected?

Thanks for all your assistance!

I updated the db and it is no longer detected.


Thanks again!

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