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Alright, what's going on here? Re-bill?

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First of all, I'm Argentinian (I speak Spanish). I'm a consumer. Ok I'll get to the point: so my dad bought me Malwarebytes Anti-Malware PRO on 09/30 (this year) with his credit card - I thought this would be a good option since MBAM PRO isn't much of a common program to buy in my city. However, yesterday he told me he received the same exact bill that when he first bought it on 09/30 (I suppose cleverbridge AG Brabanter?). If MBAM PRO's a lifetime license, and just a one-payment time, why'd he getting the bill again? I trust you guys, but this really had me worried and I'm pretty mad. Could you please tell me what's going on? And to think it was the first time I ever ask my parents to buy me stuff online...

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You should contact Cleverbridge.....

If you lost your ID and License Key then send an email to: cs@cleverbridge.com


Go to the link below to get the contact number for your country....

Also, their contact info can be found HERE.

Malwarebytes Tech support does not have any access to, nor information pertaining to any sales\shipping\user account\registration issues.

If you need anything else just post.

Thanks :)

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You will not be able to edit your posts until your reach 100 posts (this was done due to others abusing the system).

Your ID and KEY is used for registering your MBAM to the PRO version. It is also used by Cleverbridge to keep track of your order (along with your email address) you will need them as well when you contact Cleverbridge for help with your billing issue....

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