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Help! Endless reboot


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Hi I need help :( this is what happened:

I opened my computer yesterday and it became extremely slow for some reason. Then when I was playing a game, the lag was so much the laptop hung. I tried shutting it down via power button but it did not work so I had no choice but to remove the battery. Then the Windows Error Recovery appeared with choices "Start Windows Repair" or "Start Windows normally". When I choose to start normally, it would keep saying Starting Windows but would go back to the Windows Error Recovery after a few seconds. If I chose Start Windows Repair, it would go through the starting up process but then when the windows background appears, the startup repair doesn't appear and shuts the computer down after a few seconds.

My laptop is an Asus. I have 74gb left so it's still quite a lot. 2gb ram. I haven't downloaded anything that said it had a virus according to Trend Micro. That's all I can give so far.

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Hi TehLoneHunter,


I don't consider myself an expert in this field but I'd advise to give Windows Recovery a few hours before you interrupt it. It might just need a bit more time.


Assuming Windows Recovery does not work and Windows refuses to properly boot:


You could try to retrieve your files using a Linux-live CD and some removable storage media. You can find an explanation about those here. In the article you can also find links to pages that explain how to preform certain steps, like how to burn the image to a CD. This does require another computer to burn the disk.

If you run into any problems with it or have any questions, please ask.

This will not fix your computer but it will save your documents, picture's and perhaps your saved games as well (if you can find those files).


Once you have your data secure you can safely try to solve your infinite reboot problem.

As a non-expert I have two suggestions about what you could try next:
      Try booting in safe mode. It might help, there you can try to check your disk for errors. (If safe mode works, please let us know.)
      Consider reinstalling Windows (if you managed to secure your files). (How to preform a factory restore, if you didn't get the windows CD)


I think that those who have more knowledge about this would like to know what version of windows you are running.


I hope this helped, if you have any questions, please ask.





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So I tried letting it try to repair for a couple of hours but still nothing so I tried the F8 and it's giving me these choices:

Safe Mode

Safe Mode with Networking

Safe Mode with Command Prompt

Enable Boot Logging

Enable low-resolution video(640x480)

Directory Services Restore Mode

Debugging Mode

Disable automatic restart on system failure

Disable Driver Signature Enforcement

Start Windows Normally

I've read something on this site saying something about trying "Disable automatic restart on system failure". Should I try it or is it risky?

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9/10 A "Blue Screen Of Death" <-- as some may put it.. is most likely behind the reboots. Press F8 on your laptop on startup and choose

"Disable Automatic Restart on system failure" and see if a blue screen with white writing stays on the screen. Post on what error message you may be seeing.




See that ait3diag.dll ?? That's what I'll need to know to try and troubleshoot the issue. To me that means the ati driver for the video card is faulty or has the wrong version installed. It may not be ati it may be something else but at least you know what info to post back with. Good luck!!



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