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unable to restore quarantined file

Guest hormigueros

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Guest hormigueros

After an overnight scan, these two files were quarantined:





I checked various sources online and found out these are false positives.  I was able to restore DVDM.exe but I can not restore DVDMaker.exe.mui, even though I selected the file, clicked on "Restore all", and re-booted the PC twice.  Is it possible to restore this file?  It still shows up in Quarantine.


Thank you.

mbam-log-2013-12-09 (04-00-03).txt

mbam-log-2013-12-09 (08-37-00).txt

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It is possible to restore the file but will take a bit of work to do so as that location is controlled by a special account called the TrustedInstaller account.


If you can reboot and test if there DVDMaker program works for you and you're not getting any errors you may not need to restore that other file.  Please test and let me know.



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Guest hormigueros

Thanks for replying.


Yes, I was able to restore the DVDMaker executable and the application seems to be working fine.  The DVDMaker.exe.mui is still stuck in the Quarantine vault and cannot be restored.


It's odd, those two files surfaced as false positive detections back in 2010 -I learned this searching for a solution- and now, with a current Malwarebytes database, they are flagged again and acted upon.  So this is, IMHO, a critical issue because, what happens if a system file is affected by a false detection, cannot be restored, and a computer is affected badly or rendered unbootable?


Again, many thanks for your input.

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  • 1 month later...

I had this problem it is a very simple solve in the end but it took me hours of googling and experimenting and discussions with the support team to then only find it on my own.


The key is running the program in developer mode and then restoring the quarantined files.  

To run the program in developer mode on your computer go to: Start Menu > Run > Type in "mbam.exe /developer", (without the quotes) then click restore all/restore in the quarantine section.


This worked for me hopefully it works for you too.

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