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How can I remove a 'computer name' from the client view

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We have some machines that have been retired and removed from the domain. They have also been removed from 'computers' via utilizing the AD snapin tools.


The managed console still shows the unit in the client view. Remove clients in greyed out. How can I clean up these machines in the Management app?



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Hello JamesThom,


Welcome to the Helpdesk forum for Malwarebytes Enterprise Edition (MEE).  My name is Nan and I will be helping you today.  Thank you for your request.


To remove any MEE Managed Client that remain listed in the Client Pane, simply right-click on that client and select Remove.  The first question I have is do you have full administrator permissions in MEE to be able to remove clients?  Or do you have limited permissions?  If you are the primary MEE Administrator, you would have full permissions, then I would ask you if you have performed an AD Sync to synchronize the AD groups in MEE with your active AD which should update the client and groups in the Client Pane's computer group list.



If you have further questions or need further assistance with your MEE installation, please contact our support team at http://www.malwareby...tact_corporate/ and submit a ticket so we can better assist you.  We are happy to help.

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I've gleaned some more insight. These seem to be machines that are no longer on the network.


For example we have been upgrading machines from XP to Win7. Those that have different names in AD have been deployed to successfully. For the rest I have not been able to find a way to purge them from the Console.


The machines are actively being cleaned out of Active Directory computer OUs but this doesn't remove them in the console.


I also tried rescanning the OU's from the admin client deploy tab but this still leaves old machines.


Does anyone have insight into how to best manage maintaining an accurate machine list?

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Hi James,


It is possible to right-click a client in the Client pane, and remove them from the list. Currently when an item is removed from AD, the client will be moved to an ungrouped Clients group. It does not uninstall the client package when it is removed from ad or automatically remove it from the client panes.  This is a feature that is being considered for future builds however. 


I hope I was able to answer the question for us.  Please let me know if there is anything else I can assist with.


Thank you. 

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Hi J,


For an as yet unknown reason the right click remove option is grayed out in my install. (I haven't figured out completely why but have been asking around in another topic)


I was able to get information that advised me that once I remove a computer from AD directory the console will sync (for me every ten minutes) and the machine will be dropped. This has seemed to work.

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