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Possible false positives


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Hello all,


In the pasted I have used Kaspersky to protect my system and to check files in regards to malware.

Recently I have decided to use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to check the files on my computer. Herefor I have bought the Pro version.

The first scan of my system has finished today. Unfortunately the program has found a couple of infected files. Most of the files are on my computer for over 4 years. In all these years Kaspersky hasn't found anything, the some result for couple of other online anti-virus programs.


Due to I hope that all detected files by Malwarebytes are false positives.


I would appreciate it if one of the experts can have a look at these files. I have packed all files into an rar archive with password (password: Virus). The rar archive is attached to this thread.


Thank you for your support!



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None of the files that we detect in your archive are false positives though. Some files in your archive weren't detected by us either, but those are ok.

What was mainly detected are PUP files (potentially Unwanted Program) and Riskware files (cracks/keygens).


Thank you for the quick reply!


The result shows the following types:

- Adware.Vomba

- Backdoor.Bot

- Backdoor.Sdbot

- Malware.Packer.Gen

- Riskware.Tool.CK

- Trojan.Agent.CK

- Trojan.Downloader

- some kind of PUP


Have I understood you correctly, there is no virus, trojan,etc on my system, all these files are due to the file type unwanted/ risky? Even though some of them are named trojan.agent.ck or trojan.downloader?

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  • Staff

Hmm, is there any possibility you selected to delete from quarantine instead of restore? Because it sounds like this was done - there is no other reason at all why this would happen otherwise.

Unfortunately if they are deleted from quarantine, you can't retrieve them back. If you want them back, you can just redownload your attachement in above :)

But personally, I wouldn't keep any of those files.

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