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2 Pups found in C drive, storimbo plus another that Malwarebytes Pro won't remove


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I'm a computer novice that is scared.

I've had the Malwarebytes free software on my computer which has worked brilliantly until I downloaded a rogue file from what I thought was Inkscape yesterday. I already had Inkscape on my computer but it kept crashing so thought I'd start again so I erased the original Inkscape and downloaded a new one. When ever I went into Chrome the 'Nation Zoom' toolbar over road it and the 'back up pop up' appeared. I also have Firefox and Bt Broadband. I've deleted Chrome from my programs and am running BT Broadband to get onto the internet which seems o.k? I deleted the back up pop up from my program, Inkscape in fact everything that came along with that Inkscape download. I did a free Malwarebytes scan and everything was o.k

Then this morning I clicked on the Firefox icon on the Desktop (1 of 2) 1 Firefox icon was ok but the other one brought up the 'Nation Zoom' toolbar again. I deleted Firefox from my programs and am now on BT Broadband.

I downloaded the Malwarebytes Pro because my flash player has been playing up. I ran the scan and 59 Pups were found. When I went to delete them through Malwarebytes it froze. I shut down and ran it again, this time there was 3 Pups found. I tried to delete these through Malwarebytes and again it froze. Somehow one of the 3 was removed but after doing a Quick scan and a Flash player scan I still have these 2 bugs and Malwarebytes keeps freezing. The scans complete and i can click the boxes to erase the Pups but when I click the button to erase nothing happens and the green line across the bottom doesn't even appear.

I've started my computer in 'Safe Mode' and run the Malwarebytes Pro quick scan and the same Pups are there.

I've done a C drive CHKDSK check and then another Malwarebytes Pro Quick scan and the same 2 pups are there. I tried again to erase and Malwarebytes Pro froze but after waiting a while i looked at the quarentine list and found about 6 Pups that weren't there before as I'd cleared the list. Don't know if these things can multiply?

I've downloaded the DDS.txt and Attach.txt to my desktop and will attach.





On the Malwarebytes scan they list the Pups as

Folder c\users\helen\AppData\local\Temp\DM\bin\storimbo and



Looking forward to hearing from you as I'm scared.





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