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Malwarebytes Blocking Outgoing Attempt to Reach Site

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I am receiving frequency (e.g. about every 6-8 minutes) a Malwarebytes pop-up warning about outgoing attempts to access a malicious website with the IP address of  I've run complete scans with BitDefender AntiVirus Plus 2014 and Malwarebytes Pro and there are no viruses/pups/etc. found.  What if anything can I do to stop may machine from trying to reach this site (why it would try to reach this site, I don't understand).  I'm using Windows 7 (64 bit) as my OS.  


Thanks in advance for your input. 

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Hello and :welcome: , JeromeAC:
That IP is located in Brazil.

IP blocks can indicate a number of things:

  • They could indicate that MBAM is doing its job of blocking bad content on websites.
  • In some cases the blocks are a false positive.
  • However, they can also be a sign of infection, especially if the blocks are outgoing and they occur when no browsers are open.

--> There is more information about the IP blocking module in the in the Help Desk topics HERE and HERE and HERE, and in the FAQ - Section G.
They also contain instructions on how to determine what process might be trying to make the connections.
You may also research the IP in question at www.ip-lookup.net or a similar site.

On the other hand, if you think the IP blocks might be a false positive, then please read this pinned topic before starting a new topic in the Website Blocking False Positives sub-forum.

Alternatively, if you think you might be infected, based on the IP blocks and/or other suspicious computer behavior, then please read the following for the available options to have a malware expert assist you with the cleaning process Available Assistance For Possibly Infected Computers.

>>>Under the circumstances, that sounds like the safest course of action for you. :)




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