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[SOLVED] How do you uninstall MBAE?


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This may seem like a stupid question but how do you properly uninstall Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit..?

I've tried searching around and I couldn't find anything... maybe I missed it..

I unisntalled with windows but then I got this message:


Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit uninstall complete.


Some elements could not be removed. These can be removed manually.


I don't know but this makes me feel like I've done something wrong.

Is this normal?


After it was uninstalled this way I checked in program files and the MBAE folder was still there so I just deleted it. Is this the elements that could not be removed during uninstallation?


I installed MBAE again and I noticed there is a file called mbam-uninstaller.exe.. So I double clicked on it and a black box popped up for less than a second... then nothing. Maybe I need to run as administrator or something..?


Again, sorry for stupid question.


Also the reason why I want to reinstall it is because the first time I installed it Avast Behavior Shield warned me about an untrusted program trying to modify a protected resource.

Curiously, I clicked Deny then Malwarebytes said something about install failed, terminating process or something.




So I decided to uninstall then reinstall and allow it next time but then I was unsure about uninstalling.



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  • Staff

Sometimes during uninstall you get that notice if for example MBAE is still actively protecting some application such as a browser and it is open while you uninstall MBAE. The MBAE DLL would still be injected into the application during uninstallation.


The best way to uninstall is to follow the instructions, which are:

1- Close all shielded applications (browsers, java, adobe, etc.)

2- Uninstall MBAE

3- Reboot


As for Avast, that's typical of a HIPS/Behavior engine that asks the user questions for every little action. In this case Avast is asking if MBAE can install its driver. If you are installing MBAE clearly you want to choose "Allow" instead of "Deny".

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I did exit Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit and closed all other applications but the message still said:

Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit uninstall complete.


Some elements could not be removed. These can be removed manually.


I uninstalled it on my other computer then reinstalled it and it didn't have this message.


Also, when you say to uninstall MBAE, you mean with windows, in Programs and features?


Thankyou for a reply.

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  • Staff

IIRC there are a few variables that makes the uninstaller work differently depending on the version and architecture of Windows, whether an application is open and protected by MBAE at the time of uninstall, etc.


In any case this is something that will change with one of the next few betas once we release the new MBAE architecture which works as a Windows Service. This will probably fix this issue and some other pending issues such as the disappearing traybar icon.


And yes, I was referring to uninstalling from Control Panel, Programs and Features (aka Add/Remove Programs on older OS'es).

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