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Hello and :welcome: , Tisdale53:
What you're probably actually seeing is the result of the fact that Avast! filters your network traffic.
So, it's not actually avastsvc.exe that's being blocked, it's your browser.
This KB topic explains more: Why is Malwarebytes Anti-Malware blocking my antivirus?
Having said that, IP blocks can indicate a number of things:

  • They could indicate that MBAM is doing its job of blocking bad content on websites.
  • In some cases the blocks are a false positive.
  • However, they can also be a sign of infection, especially if the blocks are outgoing and they occur when no browsers are open.

--> There is more information about the IP blocking module in the in the Help Desk topics HERE and HERE and HERE, and in the FAQ - Section G. You may also research the IP in question at www.ip-lookup.net or a similar site.

On the other hand, if you think the IP blocks might be a false positive, then please read this pinned topic before starting a new topic in the Website Blocking False Positives sub-forum.

Alternatively, if you think you might be infected, based on the IP blocks and/or other suspicious computer behavior, then please read the following for the available options to have a malware expert assist you with the cleaning process Available Assistance For Possibly Infected Computers.



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If you are seeing the blocks with a browser open, it could be MBAM doing its job of blocking bad content (banner ads, etc) on web pages?

Or it could be a browser extension phoning home?

Or you could possibly be infected?

Again, it only "appears" to be avastsvc.exe that it's being blocked -- see the link in my earlier reply.


So, as with the OP, if you think the blocks are a FP, please follow the steps in my earlier reply's links to report them for the MBAM team to research.


Otherwise -- especially if the blocks are outgoing & occur with NO browsers open -- you might want to head over to the malware removal section, by following the links in my earlier reply, to have one of the malware experts run some scans and determine if you could be infected (we don't do that work here in this particular section of the forum).






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Hi daledoc1,


I did not mention before, I do have a Gmail account which I rarely use. Today after seeing on the news how people got Gmail and other accounts hacked were traceed back to the Netherlands,

I checked my Gmail account and it had been signed into, and it was not by me.


So I believe the Trace to the IP number and the link I posted earlier are the hackers trying to call home from my machine with whatever they are trying to steal from me.


They tried to do this on 12.02 from 8 different ports but the same IP

Then again today 12.05 from 2 different ports and the same IP


To me this is a hacker trying to take my info off my machine. I do I put a stop to this.


I have Avast Internet Security, MBAM Pro. SAS Pro and Hitman Pro.

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I'm neither authorized nor qualified to provide malware advice.


So, until one of the staff or more expert members arrives with different or additional suggestions, I would suggest that you please start with the recommendations in this pinned topic: Available Assistance for Possibly Infected Computers

The experts can assist you with checking your system for infection and with implementing any necessary security counter-measures.

(I'm assuming you've already changed your gmail password?)


Best regards,




P.S. Alas, this topic has now been largely hijacked from the O.P.  In the future, it would be advisable to start a new, separate post even for what seems to be "the same" problem. ;)

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