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Protection for new browsers

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Maybe when it comes out of beta.


I really hope you'll add it then! :)


Or add it manually


I don't have premium, I don't use software that requires a time limited subscription, if they had a lifetime license or a slightly cheaper (compared to lifetime license) lifetime license with updates within the major version, I'd get that, but I'll never buy a product that will eventually artificially become useless unless I cough up more dough (unless it's an entertainment service like Spotify because I can understand it there.) Again I'd buy a costly lifetime license if they had them or I'd buy a slightly costly lifetime license with updates within the major version, so if one had such a license and bought it during major version 2.x then they would receive all updates within 2.x but not 3.x however they could use 2.x for however long they wanted. (For example like how license for Macrium Reflect works)


That is my opinion on the matter, I'd appreciate it if Malwarebytes would investigate such a license possibility but don't expect them to do so considering they removed that capability from Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. Anyway this is off-topic now and I apologize for that.

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I am a newbie who consider installing MBAE free, but searched the forum and found this topic.

I use the Pale Moon browser, and don't see any clear answers here.

Is Pale moon supported now? Or will it be?

Thanks in advance.


palemoon.exe + Palemoon-Portable.exe

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Hello Gogge and :welcome:


All Pale Moon Project's Windows browsers are already supported by default in the Free, Trial and Premium versions of the current release of MBAE.

Dowmload Free/Trial/Premium MBAE: Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit




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