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Simple question I hope


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Hi guys,  I am trying to reinstall on my laptop (from original disk) and it is asking for id and key.


Hi, qfinger: :)


Until Firefox returns...


Just curious:  "I am trying to reinstall ___WHAT___ on my laptop..."


If you are referring to your Windows OS, then please follow Firefox's expert advice. :)


OTOH, are you perhaps referring instead to your MBAM PRO? ;)

If that's the case, then your license ID & key would be in an email sent to you at the time of the purchase from the e-commerce partner/reseller, Cleverbridge. If you cannot find that email or info, you'll need to contact Cleverbridge to have them look it up. Their contact info is >>HERE<<.


If you purchased a CD, then the license ID/key info would be somewhere on the CD sleeve or in the box, in the case of a boxed CD purchase.


If you're still unable to obtain the info, please let us know, and we'll let you know how to find it on the computer (assuming you haven't already uninstalled the program from the computer).





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I am sorry, I usually am too wordy and this time I did not even provide the needed information.  I am trying to reinstall MBAM.  It says nothing about Pro on the disc.  


Thanks guys, but when inspecting the disc to see if it was pro, I noticed that COMP USA, (the ones who rebuilt my laptop after I got a virus) placed their tag perfectly over the Malawarebytes label.  I think I will be able to read through it.  I tried removing it, but it tears off the writing on the label underneath.   Bet they did it on purpose!  Thanks for the attempts to help, it is appreciated.  Bill

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I am trying to reinstall MBAM.  It says nothing about Pro on the disc.

If you don't remember your license information, then you should be able to contact cleverbridge (the company that handles product sales for Malwarebytes) at this link. Unless something has changed in the past few years, they should be able to send you your license information (they should be able to look it up by e-mail address).

You can also contact Malwarebytes support directly at this link.

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