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Mobile whitelist

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From your PDF;

"Application Whitelisting
Enables you to “allow” legitimate applications
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Mobile has marked as
suspicious so that future scans run without flagging the whitelisted applications incorrectly"

How exactly?

All I seem to be able to do is see a list of running apps and if I long press, then all I seem to be able to do is "Force Close" or "System Info" - !?!?!
I haven't found any other options for this yet...

I wish you chaps would stop trying to so 'modern' and just write a User Manual (better yet, include a 'Function Reference' too - some people like to work 'backward' like that)!  Some of us don't enjoy 'discovering' how to make things work, we just want to get on with it!  We admit to being ignorant, possibly even stupid, but all we want is a simple book, or it's modern equivalent - a readily accessible and identifiable information point.
This forum is a classic example of why everything is so jumbled up and hard to find.  Some people ask lucid questions, many do not, so searching takes far longer than it should do, or would do if only the people who are genuine authorities (you) would just do produce an authoritative reference that was easy to find.
For example, before I joined, I entered "android malwarebytes whitelist" and you would hope that would nail it?  Not even close!  There is so much guff from other user's questions, that there is no hope in finding anything easily.  Oh and that was in the 'Knowledgebase' by the way!

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Thank you for your comments.  Here's a definition of whitelist, straight from the mythical guide.....


Whitelist is a list of apps considered suspicious based on scan results by Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Mobile, but have been specifically whitelisted by the user.  If an app is listed here, it is deemed safe.  If it is considered risky, press on the app’s name to select it, then press Delete.  To clear all entries from the Whitelist, press Select All followed by Delete.  Once an app has been added to the Whitelist, it will remain there until it is deleted from the Whitelist, or if its signature changes.  A signature change indicates a possible change in app behavior.


The guide you are asking for is in process now.  Because I feel the same way as you do regarding system/program documentation, I write them.  This one is not quite ready for prime time yet, but it will be soon.  If you want to make sure you get one sent to you without needing to check back on a regular basis, drop me a private message and I'll make sure to send one out as soon as its ready.


Thanks for choosing Malwarebytes!

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