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Hi ZipoSp!


We have run Malwarebytes alongside other security software and as far as I know we haven't seen any issues.  That being said, we cannot test EVERYTHING of course.


If you do run into any issues, please be sure to post about them here, and our mobile team will take a look at the issue.

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Can you please tell me which ones, because I wanted to run Malwarebytes alone but then I looked here and I found out that I need antivirus with it. If you can't name the antivirus that you guys tested out. Do you suggest that I install any of those 2 and it should run fine?

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Hello ZipoSp,


We are not of liberty to suggest other third party programs as this is a liability issue. As mentioned before you may run other security software on your device along side Malwarebytes. Not all have been tested, so whichever you choose is at your discretion. If you run into any issues, please post them here so that we can report them to our developers.


Thank you.

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