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Dummy_X86.exe [Safe or Unsafe?]

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Hello, I'm a bit new to the Malwarebytes community and would love some help concerning infected files, viruses and such. Here is the situation:


As I was browsing the internet, I came across a site and had recieved a popup message from my Google Chrome browser that stated I "..had a virus, and needed to restart my computer."
As frightened as I was, I researched a bit on the situation and had found a post on the Google Product Forums [here] from a university student stating that he had the same problem as I did. He also explained that he had to bring his computer to "the shop" and was lucky to revive his school files but had lost everything else.

Anxiously awaiting, I scanned my computer with AVG which resulted with "no threats found!" For a sudden second, I felt relieved yet still had this feeling that it still existed.

I left my computer to sleep, praying that nothing would happen. The next day I came back on and noticed a slight issue with the computer speed; for 5-10 minute, it had random freezes and slow loading time. Luckily it stopped right after. 

I proceeded to download the Microsoft Security Scanner. I selected the Full Scan and finally, after 25 hours, it as complete; it's findings, 8 infected files. However, there was something odd I had witnessed during the last hour of completion. A file [ Dummy_x86.exe ] was being scanned for almost 5 minutes. It then stopped and a message from the scanner popped up, stating that some viruses and or infected files were partially removed. The name itself already caught my attention, so I searched on Google "Dummy_x86.exe" and recieved results from IsThisFileSafe.com and XRayMyPC.com claiming that the file was unknown. I then found a website, Prevx.com, reporting that the file was associated with a Malicious Software and Worms. It also described the file as "resists interrogation by security products." 


At that moment, I didn't know what to do but research more and more on this dillema. So, I ended up finding a post resolved by the wonderful gringo_pr. [link] In one of Pauline's log, it had the Dummy_x86.exe file detected as a virus (I had found this via the Google keyword search). So here I am today, waiting in hope for a response that could help me figure this monstrosity. Is it safe or unsafe? Should I delete it, or is it an essential to my Windows 7 Acer Aspire Laptop? What can I do to prevent this? 



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