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Being thankful...


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Yes, I know it’s the day AFTER Thanksgiving (here in the US, anyway); but I was too busy yesterday!


I was, however, thinking about the people and things I was thankful for, and Ron Lewis

(https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showuser=2065) popped to mind. I am remiss in not thanking him sooner; Life keeps throwing me curveballs.


Ron worked with me in July, after my wife’s machine was FLATTENED by a ZeroAccess rootkit (I just now realized that it didn’t really get destroyed until she took it to a hotel room and connected to their poorly-protected WiFi! I’m sure the machine was able to download and run all SORTS of garbage that it couldn’t do from behind our router.) Ron worked with me a lot (https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=129133), helping me to scrape enough of her machine back together so that we could get a decent backup to move onto a new machine. (Folks, all of the warnings you see here on MalwareBytes are true: malware has changed, and if you don’t get really competent protection, modern malware will tear up your operating-system files so badly that your only option is to wipe the disk and reinstall! My wife’s old machine is currently awaiting being mindwiped. Microsoft MSE was her primary antimalware; it’s NOT enough!)


Anyway, better late than never: THANK YOU, RON!! And thanks to all of the folks at MalwareBytes who fight every day to overcome the tide of evil malware.




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