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Windows Update (KB2858725) - should I install this?


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Good morning everyone,


     The Windows Update shown in the subject line seems to be causing a lot of problems for people.  I've seen a sizable number of problem reports online, including Microsoft's own support forums regarding this particular update.  Some of Microsoft's information seems contradictory, such as, their article about the update states it is offered as an "OPTIONAL" update, when in fact, it is being shown (on my computer), as an IMPORTANT update.


My questionShould I install this "out-of-patch Tuesday" update, given the problems being reported by such a large number of Windows users?


Thank you for your time and any feedback.


Regards to all,



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i would wait for a few days until MS has a chance to resolve any inordinate problems with the update .

i could not find out exactly what the update entails other than it is for .net 4.xx.xx .

this "update" is supposedly available as a stand-alone installer .

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Hi CWB and thanks very much for your input!


     It sounds like a good idea.  The only other info I could find about the update, was something to do with language packs...for what that's worth.



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It's the .NET 4.5.1 version update.

The offline installer version is here: http://support.microsoft.com/kB/2858728


Because of the long holiday weekend, I'm still waiting a few more days myself.

But I haven't seen much chatter at sevenforums.com: http://www.sevenforums.com/windows-updates-activation/313119-microsoft-net-framework-4-5-1-windows-7-x64-based-systems-kb2858.html

In fact, it's supposed to be a significant improvement over earlier versions.


There is at least one active thread at MS forum: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-windows_update/unable-to-install-net-framework-45-error/ff952d63-f22b-480c-ac21-be40e0b8a0fc


Not sure if this one is relevant (does NOT mention the KB and does mention 4.5, not 4.5.1): http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-windows_update/the-45-net-version-took-far-too-much-time-to-be/93c6948d-e420-49ad-bc96-3cef60c9b92b


.NET updates typically go one of two ways: either really well (although sometimes they take a long time to install & require "infinite patience" (as Maurice would say)) or really badly (requiring a total uninstall/reinstall of everything ".NET" on the system).

There is also a repair tool to try before ripping everything out: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2698555/en-us


Interested to know if anyone has feedback from the experience, either good or bad,



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I appreciate the additional info, daledoc1!


You're right about this update being rather large...something like 52 MB from what I read.


Thanks again! :)



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A bit of an update, from one of the M$ forum threads (sorry, there are no links there to individual replies, so I'll post a screen cap):




So, it looks as if it's only "recommended" and only to help run certain 3rd-party programs.

It's NOT a security update.

So, most users don't actually "need" it.


There are ALWAYS some folks who have problems with .NET updates -- usually because their existing .NET installation is corrupted.

Aside from the few threads at M$ forums and 1 at sevenforums (no new replies in >24 hours), this one doesn't seem to have been particularly problematic.


I may take the plunge in a few days, after I make full backups/images of all rigs.





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  • 2 weeks later...

.NET Framework updates tend to go one way or the other, either GREAT or TERRIBLE.

If one's .NET Framework has been corrupted, it sometimes requires a repair or a total uninstall/reinstall.


KB2858725 is currently only "Recommended", and it's largely a performance update (not a security patch).

So, strictly speaking, most users don't "need" it, at least at the moment.

In general, it didn't seem to be particularly problematic, especially compared to a few of the other patches last week.


If you are having trouble with Windows Updates, this one or others, it might be a bit faster to get specialized expert help at sevenforums.com (or a similar site, such as answers.microsoft.com.)

If you go that route, troubleshooting requires some system logs - your Event Logs and other system info would point to .NET (or not).

So I suggest following the instructions here first: http://www.sevenforums.com/windows-updates-activation/264840-windows-update-posting-instructions.html

Then post the requested info in a new thread here: http://www.sevenforums.com/windows-updates-activation/


<just a suggestion>



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Thanks very much for the update DD1! :)


     For the time being, I've just left that NET update hidden.





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