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[SOLVED] MBAE out of beta


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Hi all,


Does anyone know when MBAE is approximately seduled for mainstream release.


I'm running MBAE beta along side MBAM pro, Kaspersky internet security, and Microsoft EMET have any other users come accross any conflicts with a similar setup.


Any help and advice will be greatly appreciated.

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  • Staff

Since we are on the subject, let me give you guys some insight into our dev plan:

  1. Detection engine. We still have a handful more techniques to add over the next couple of beta releases.
  2. Architecture. We are re-building part of the architecture so that MBAE works as a Windows Service instead of a standalone EXE. This will also fix the disappearing traybar icon issues. Most of this is done and we are currently testing this build. Will probably be released after a couple of beta versions.
  3. Hooking. We are also adding some lower level hooking to be on par with EMET in terms of hooking and avoiding some of the problems that EMET has (http://0xdabbad00.com/2013/11/18/emet-4-1-uncovered/).
  4. Console. In parallel to all this we are also integrating MBAE into MEE (http://www.malwarebytes.org/business/enterprise/) for companies.
  5. GUI. Once the above is done we will create a new GUI using the new Malwarebytes GUI framework to release MBAE 1.0 for consumers.

As for timeline, it's difficult to say but we are trying our hardest to go as fast as possible.

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