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Remove Clients option is grayed out

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We discovered today that a number of clients are not reporting properly and are not updating.


The next thought was to redeploy. When I look under admin/client push install it appears that machines selected that already have the client do run an install over itself. I then hoped to use the uninstall option for a subset of clients but this option is grayed out.


Can someone help me understand why?


Thanks in advance,

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As an update it appears I have a little over 200 clients that have stopped reporting in the last week since we have deployed. While they have a policy to scan daily applied the last scan time and last scan result logs of the client info tab are blank. System logs show these machines have just arbitrarily stopped at varying times on varying days over the last week.


I have tried to manually update the databases by highlighting update database and selecting that option but nothing happens. I have tried to perform a scan but no logging happens assuming the scan actually runs.


I have manually uninstalled the client on a few test machines and redeployed. This seems to correct this issue. Being able to bulk remove clients as above will be incredibly helpful.

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I have some updated information.


I have a suspicion that many, if not all of these machines had technician client 1.75 already installed or some rendition of Mbam going back as far as ver 1.5.


The console install seems to have reported there was already a client and not installed the managed client but is now showing the technician client machines in the list. (Add remove programs shows some with both the technician and managed client while others only have the technician client. Both of those instances are not functioning from a scanning/reporting or ability to remove from within the console at this point.)


Those with clients other than ver 1.75 appear to have updated successfully.


I wondered if the install was grayed out for clients that were somehow reporting even though they weren't the managed client but I am unable to find any clients that I can uninstall from within the console client view.

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Possible workaround?


If I were able to export to csv/excel from a sorted list of those clients that don't have a 'last scan time' (IE the policy isn't working on these machines) I could extrapolate to a list of IPs that I could use in the admin push to uninstall reinstall.


Is there any hidden functionality to dump to Excel/CSV from a sorted client list?

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Hi James,


Sorry for the delayed response.


Regarding your screenshot, the "Remove clients" option there is only applicable when the client has been uninstalled.  Remotely uninstalling the client is done from the Client Push Install tab under the Admin Pane.  Right click on the client there and you should be able to uninstall it that way.


Try remotely uninstalling the clients from some of the machines that are not reporting back and then reinstall to see if they start reporting.

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Thanks Lazz,


Sounds like the uninstall option is a 'clean up' option for the client view window.


I have found that uninstalling/reinstalling from the admin pane works. My trick is now how to sort in the admin pane to do a group uninstall for about 200 machines. I'm closing in on an option but if you have any insight I would be appreciative.


My thanks as always.



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