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GPU goes under full load when the PC is at idle.


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When the PC idles for about 1 minute without touching the mouse and keyboard the GPU fans ramp up and the temp goes up,also the CPU starts to stress a litle bit ( I see this on the sidebar gadgets). But as soon as I touch the mouse or keyboard the CPU and GPU usage goes down and the temps too.Also if the task manager is running(even minimized) the gpu wont stress and its all normal,but when I stop the task manager,the problem comes back.

I originally thought that it was a bitcoin mining malware but after posting on the Malware Removal Support forum,and cleaning my PC from all malware,the problem still persists.So I was advised to start a topic here.
I really hope somebody here can help me resolve this problem.


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make and model of PC ?


what does "task manager" show for programs and how much cpu used by each program/process (that lgreen screen cpu usage is a good guessometer) ?


there is the possibility that your CPU cooling fan is failing (slow rotation) or is plugged up ...

have you cleaned out the cpu cooler with a small brush and a can of "compressed air" ?

if the case ventilation fans fail or become plugged , the internal temperature of the case will rise ... and at that point it is like a convection oven .


the cpu cooler may have come loose .

a good firm physical contact between the two mating surfaces is essential for thermal transfer ...

full removal of the heatsink , cleaning and re-gooping (with thermal paste) is required .

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I'm running i5 3570 at 3.4ghz and a GTX  670.
Both of them are at 30-35degrees at idle,and have plenty of cooling.There are no extra programs in the task manager,and giving the fact that I was already on the Malware Removal Support forum and did everything the guy helping me said,it isn't a virus of any sorts.He kindly redirected me to come here to seek further help.

The CPU  usage is going up when the GPU usage goes too.And as I said it happens after 1min without touching the mouse and keyboard.I'm running the task manager minimized so this isn't happening.

If you have any ideas I will be happy to listen to you.

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