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Can't Log Into Windows After Microsoft Download. Malware or Microsoft?

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I have been blocked out of my computer for nearly a month now and have resorted to working full time on my daughter's computer after my computer crashed, and multiple revival attempts failed. I am in desperate need of help (and so is my daughter so she can have her computer back). I thankfully and gratefully appreciate any assistance. 



The Story:


My computer had minimal programs on it; however, just prior to this my husband accessed some game websites and I was concerned about malware. I noticed a decrease in speed, and a lag in my computer that wasn't there before so I went to Microsoft to augment my existing Microsoft Security Essentials with additional software. Following the download I was advised that the files would finish installing when I started my computer again. I proceeded to shut-down my computer and that's the last I seen of Windows on it since. (I do not recall the name of the software).


When the computer starts-up it makes it as far as the "loading Windows" screen with the flashing moving bars at the bottom of the screen, and then redirects me to the recovery screen after saying "Windows has an unknown error". Just prior to that, I receive a screen saying, "Windows is installing new files". I suspect this is the new software attempting to install.


I have tried every repair in the repair menu, and nothing works. System recovery and restore both say that I have no backup points or recovery partitions; however, I know that I do. In fact, I just accessed one prior to the download to see if that would cure my speed issue. So I am not sure if the epicenter to all of this was existing malware or the Microsoft download, but I do know that I need help. Thank you for making it this far!



*My Computer (from what I can see on the outside and bios since I can't get to the guts):


-HP Compaq dc5100 Small Form Factor - Refurbished aprox. 1 year ago.

-Windows 7 Pro Refurb PC Edition

-There were minimal programs on it; however, I think my husband accessed some game sites, and I was concerned about malware, which led me to Windows to download the software (I can not recall the exact software title).


-I have no CD burner so any help outside of a software download unless I can access it by bypassing Windows somehow is so, so greatly appreciated. 


~Rachael  :(

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PS I didn't know if I should have posted this in general or malware because it could be both. I now see that I can't delete one of them and the post is stuck in both places. Could a moderator please remove one of the postings to whatever category you see fit? Thank you and I apologize for the inconvenience.

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