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Curious about manipulating the scaning speed of malwarebytes


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I have a pretty fast PC and was wondering if there any way to increase the speed of my full scans.

This is not an issue, or support problem.

The full scan takes around 40 mins to scan a decent amount of storage space. (1.1TB of total space across three drives)

I was just wondering if I some how could speed up the application and use more of my hardware. (i7-3960X)


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If you have an anti-virus installed, then you might be able to get a performance boost by adding an exclusion in your anti-virus software for mbam.exe (this keeps it from being monitored, and thus the files that it is scanning will not be loaded and scanned by your AV, which should increase performance).

If you are not using SSD's, then defragmenting your hard drives with a program that will also rearrange the files on the hard drive to optimize performance may help to increase scan speed.

Deleting Temp Files, Temporary Internet Files, and the caches in other browsers can help, since they tend to contain large amounts of small files which slows down the scan. Normally I would only expect a slight performance increase from this (like 20-30 seconds), and with your computer it could be even less.

I can't think of anything else for the moment. There might be more possibilities, but I just can't think of anything else.

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Hello and :welcome:

Just to add to GT500 excellent advice....

Full scans are really not needed to run often. Quick scans is all that is needed. Although if your scanning other drives then a full scan would be needed to do that. 40 minutes is not really that long, as I have seen them take hours on other systems.

As for removing temp files, I would not really do that till after the scan has been done. Some of the malware out there removes your start menu items and puts them in temp folders. If you were to delete temp files first, and you were infected with such malware, you would be deleting those start menu items. I would only delete my temp items after you know you were not infected.

Just saying....

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