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windows xp stop working


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Hi mycykano69,


Welcome to the forum.


There are (probably) some people around here who are able to help you. Though I'm pretty sure I can't directly solve your problem I can give you a little advise in "how to motivate people to help you".


The first one is the use of punctuation marks (dots, quotation marks, etcetera.) in your posts. This makes in easier to understand the post.

Check your spelling. It really works if you reread your message to remove the obvious typing-errors.

Check your grammar: did you use capitals at the beginning of sentences? Is there a punctuation mark at the end of every sentence?

Even if you had to use Google translate to post a message, this shows that you were willing to invest effort in the post and thus giving the impression that you are willing to work with any answers given. (If you really use Google translate, mention it in you post.)

Even if some mistakes remain, it will help you make a better impression.


Use a subject/topic title that describes the problem briefly. In your case I would advise something like: "video driver missing".


Now we have looked at the readability and appeal of your posts, let's take a look at the content.

Most people like to know more about the system that is experiencing the problem. Think about things like: Operating system(s), hardware, laptop/desktop any thing that might be relevant (video card?). Mention whatever you have mentioned in the topic title in the body of the first post as well.

Another thing that really helps is explaining the problem: When does it occur, what is the exact error message (include both title and body and use quotation marks to make clear where the error-message ends and your message begins), what happens when you close the message, since when is it happening, did it happen out of the blue or did a certain action trigger/coincide with it (for example: dropped the computer, removed a rootkit, installed a program, spilled coffee on the keyboard).


When you have described the problem as well as you can, ask politely for help.


This will help making a good impression on the people reading your post and making them more inclined to helping you.


Then one minor thing: Post it in the right subforum. The General PC Help is the sub-forum dedicated to this kind of problems. I suggest you start a new topic over there whilst keeping the pointers I gave you in mind.

Good luck!





P.S. My best advise concerning solving your problem: Reinstall windows or reinstall the driver from the disk that hopefully came with your computer. Consider buying a new computer, if you choose to do so, remove the hard-drive from the 'old' computer and add it as a slave drive to the new one to retrieve/keep your files.

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