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PUP question


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Hi all.

My first post so I hope I do not step on toes :)

I installed the Pro version some days ago and made a full scan. As can be expected there was a large number flagged entries.

I did however notice that there was showing in this list a number of safe sites I use at times, and they were marked as PUP.

My question now is, how do I mark these sites as "safe", much the same way as I would on my AV or Firewall program?


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Hi Janset,


First of all: Welcome to the forum.


You wrote that MBAM (MalwareBytes Anti-Malware) found some files and marked them as a PUP. (Potentially unwanted Poftware) If you didn't/don't know what PUP means, please click the link for an more detailed explanation. Note that: MBAM does not mark PUP's for deleting by default, so you don't have to whitelist (mark as safe) to keep them.

By now you might have noticed that MBAM did not detect or block the sites you used, but the programs related to those sites are what MBAM found. You shouldn't need to whitelist (mark as "safe") the PUP's to keep using the sites.


If you still like to keep the detected programs that are related to the sites you use you can mark them as 'Safe' in a few ways.

I'll give you the easiest one: First you run a scan with MBAM, click on 'show resuts'. Select the items you want to mark as 'safe' and click on "ignore". If you want to be sure it worked, run the scan again and check the results.


If you want to know more about marking things as 'safe' you could acces the help-file of MBAM (start->programs->malwarebyte's antimalware-> malwarbytes anti-malware help. Look for 'Features and functions' and in that "chapter" for 'ignore list'.


I hope this helped you to resolve you problem. If you have any questions left or run into a problem, please leave another reply.




P.S. My toes are fine :D

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