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[SOLVED] False Positive on Technic Launcher


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Can't seem to be able to replicate it without purchasing an account. Can you first try the following:


1- download and execute Process Monitor (procmon.exe) from MSFT SysInternals

2- replicate the issue

3- stop and save the procmon capture to your Desktop.

4- since the capture will be very big in size, use ZIP/RAR/7z to compress it. It will compress nicely.

5- post the capture back here for us to analyze.



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We're working on it and hopefully the fix will make it in the next version 0.09.5. The fix is very similar to what we've been seeing in other incidents such as the one with Hitman.Pro where the information is not fully shown in the LOG tab nor do the exclusions work correctly under certain circumstances.

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Hello, MBAM Anti-Exploit told me that Technic Pack was using an exploit.

I always used it and I had no problem, and on my old PC, I had MBAM Anti-Exploit on it too, It didn't told me that.

My old PC was using Windows 8, this one I am on is using Windows 7 (both are 64bits)

The exploit message comes when the loading bar is finished.

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Hello there community!


I just wanted to tell you all that MWAE blocks the Technic Launcher from starting up modpacks.

Possibly something to do about java, But i know for a fact that the application is harmless

It gets to the point where i launch a pack, But then it says it's blocked an exploit attempt 



So if there's any way that can be fixed on our end (Speaking for anti-exploit) i imagine we should, Unless it's something technic has to fix themselves.





Pictured: The Technic launcher, (Harmless) 


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Are you using the latest MBAE


If so do you see an entry in the MBAE GUI LOGS tab for this block event? If so you should be able to exclude it.


"Icon.PNG has been blocked, and Javaw.exe blocked from execution through java"


Either way, It's a false positive, But thanks

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The picture didn't post correctly. Can you please post it again and verify if you can exclude it from the LOGS tab?


Also please attach or send me via PM your C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit\mbae-default.log.



Sorry Here it is (Going to have to kill that link when you're done, Dropbox and all and it wont let me edit the post to upload it here), I excluded the "Icon.PNG" But the other one wasn't excludable (Although it started working when i whitelisted icon.png)

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