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Best Anti-virus/malware settings for an OLD PC


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Hi folks,


I am using an old P4 (3 GHz /512 Ram) dedicated for downloads (specially torrents) 

I had installed AVIRA free edition - but now the rig is really terribly slow so much so that browsing is a pain.

I was thinking of getting rid of AVIRA. 

I have Malwarebytes already installed on it.

Would a combination of Malwarebytes and the KAspersky free virus scanner tool  that scans only on demand - no real time protection (http://www.kaspersky.com/security-scan) be enough as long as i have a pop up blocker and browse safely?


My basic requirement is to ensure that the old p4 is virus free since I transfer files from it to my Laptop (which  does have Kaspersky AV installed on it) 

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Add more RAM.  RAM is cheap.  Bring it up to at least 1GB to 2GB if it WinXP.


If the PC is using a newer OS than max out the RAM to 4GB.  If the PC can't have more than 1GB and is running WinXP, time for a new computer since WinXP will reach EoL in April '14 and the PC is not really capable of a newer OS.


What is the Make and Model of this un-named computer ?

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