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[SOLVED] MBAE blocks Java Uninstall Tool


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I don't know if this is by-design behaviour or if this can be considered a bug, but active MBAE shield prevents Java Uninstall Tool from running (checked on Windows XP SP3 with FF 25.0.1 / IE 8 and Java 7u45, will check on Windows 8.1 also).

When I start the applet on site, I get as far as to the screen when I can click on I agree and want to continue. Then, when an applet starts to check whether are there any older versions of Java installed, I see a screen about exploit attempt blocked and an applet hangs.

Another strange thing is that after the block occurs, log tab from MBAE's window looks like this:


so I can't whitelist the applet even if I wanted to.


The result of blocking looks similar in mbae-default.log, which I am attaching (quite old, newest entries on the bottom of file) - in case you needed.




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