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Beta Use report and Questions/Ideas


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Here is some notes and questions off bat.

I am currently using Lookout Vers 8.24-59c0ddc on my Note 2.  SGH-I317 Android 4.1.2

Also put the MBAM for the phone ver and updated it for today.

Ran fine, nothing found, no issues. 

I then ran Lookout and it did try to block it or delete it.


Need some info thought.  Most antiviruses want administrator permissions for Droid, and you have to give them that, does MBAM for mobile, need admin.  Or not, currently Im running it without, just to see.

White list, how do you add programs to it, tried a few ways, and no luck

Security Audit

   Notice that its flagging programs based on their google play permissions, and at first it wanted me to turn off items that were already off, now its cool, it figured it out. 

Also it should let you know that in security Audit, that this is what you should have off, or disabled, and tell you if the item is ON, OFF, or Disabled.  That way you can look it up super fast.

Also, and all virus programs do this, but it would be super helpful (and super hard) but telling me that say Lookout has access to my text messages and calls is cool, but tell me what that program can do, not just a general, "it could possabily install and listen to your calls and use your SIM to make toll calls..... etc etc" 


I know how crazy and huge a undertaking that would be, but it would be a new item no one is doing now. 

So far nice, super fast scan I think mine was 20 secs. 


Does it also offer phone call and text protection ?

great so far, Ill let you know more if that is what you want

thanks again

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