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[SOLVED] Debug Assertion failed in MBAE when running IE 11 on W8.1


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Dear pbust,

I have today faced an issue regarding Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit when I tried to start Internet Explorer (on Windows 8.1 Pro x64 RTM).

After seeing that window:


MBAE just terminated itself without any additional information. I have checked mbae-default.log and there is no line regarding this error or about protecting Internet Explorer, so I decided not to post it here.

After running MBAE again manually, I noticed IE running flawlessly without any errors from MBAE's side, so that just seems to be a one-time error, but I decided to let you know about that, as it might actually come in as needed in the future somewhere.

Best regards!

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In my case this happened once. Hit Win + R, typed iexplore, hit Enter and the bug window showed up. Clicked OK and MBAE terminated itself, end of story.

I tried closing and running many times -> nothing happened. But I'll try to use IE more - maybe it'll surface again.

Maybe you have some suspicions of what could be worth checking?

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  • Staff

Unfortunately our only hint is that it's erratic, so probable maybe a memory leak or something along those lines. There is no specific steps to replicate it consistently so we're out of luck unless someone can manage to replicate it consistently. We are also doing some code review to see if we can find the bug manually.

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