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[SOLVED] Malwarebytes Pro + Anti Exploit +/- Hitman Pro - Alert 2.5 w/ CryptoGuard?


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I have been using Malwarebytes free for 3 years now and it has been awesome at finding malware; I try to be careful but when I have something suspicious, MB is my go-to scanner. I also use Hitman Pro as a secondary opinion but with new and dangerous exploits popping up recently, I felt it was time to up my security so I bought Pro.


I would like to know if Anti-Exploit is to be installed along side with Pro? Or does Pro already provide an anti-exploit feature?


Also, how does MB Anti-Exploit compare to Hitman Pro Alert 2.5 w/ CryptoGuard. I have read some people have them both installed and have conflicts, some don't but why not just use the better of the two? Or maybe I should be running them both?


Any and all answers/help is appreciated.



New owner of MBPro

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Hi.  I'm sure the developer will respond to your more technical inquiries but as far as installation of MBam(Malwarebytes Anti Malware) and MBAE(Malwarebytes Anti Exploit), they are 2 different security programs and can be installed side by side. I personally have run the two side by side since Anti Exploit first was available. :)

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Welcome to the forum @JustBoughtMBPro!


As Wilpower says, both MBAM and MBAE are compatible and can be run alongside each other without any problem.


As for Hitman.Pro, it can also run alongside MBAE, although MBAE might block the Hitman.Pro update feature. But you can exclude that in MBAE and it will allow Hitman.Pro to update. We will fix this soon. As for which one is better, they are completely different. MBAE will block the infection in the first place whereas Hitman.Pro alerts you after the infection (this is my understanding from other people's comments, I am really not very familiar with how Hitman.Pro works).

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Hitman Pro.Alert is (from what Surfright says) designed to detect banking trojans mess with browser's files or processes only - after such detection it displays an alert for the user to scan computer with Hitman Pro tool and deal with infections.

But they claim it can also 'passively vacinate' Windows by fooling infections that they are attacking a malware analysis system, so that some of them should resign from infecting.

And in the most recent beta they added CryptoGuard, to monitor file access attempts and alert in case of a crypting attack.

It is a completely different tool, as MBAE works actively to stop exploits and Hitman only checks if browser functions haven't been intercepted.

I don't like it as much as MBAE, as it always false-positive alerted me after browser update and so on.

And MBAM is a tool to block such attacks by intercepting executable files being the intruder's tools - if I get its role correctly.

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HitmanPro.Alert warns when malware has intruded your browser. Alert will not block malware. It is not an antivirus.
1. The Intruder feature is only for web browsers when they are open. Intrusions happening while browser is open, will be detected and an alert will be displayed. Intrusion is not blocked.

2. Alert's CryptoGuard is a system-wide real-time feature that will block encryption of files even when no browsers are open. In fact, browsers are totally unrelated to CryptoGuard. The CryptoGuard feature protects all documents and files on the computer. Alert will not blocked the infection but will block crypto attacks on the documents and files on the computer.

CryptoGuard Questions & Answers with Authorized SurfRight Rep

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