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Questions about new 1.30 Features

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  • Microsoft Active Directory integration, capable of querying AD to import admin users, computers, groups, and organizational units" (How can I only scan the built in "Computers" in AD (It's technically not an OU and doesn't show up in the tree in MEE)

  • Expedited deployment of Malwarebytes managed clients based on membership in Active Directory groups (Couldn't find this feature)

Set a Domain Query Account to synchronize Active Directory changes (Could not find this feature)

Automatic configuration of managed client polling intervals based on the number of clients (I did not see this in the documentation)

Policy option added which allows managed clients to download signatures directly from the internet (Will the version still be able to be tracked and updated if needed via the management console?)

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Hello and welcome to the forum!


1) If your computers are not in an OU, simply check the top box for the domain and it will scan for the computers.


2) This feature can be found on the Client Push Install tab under the Admin Pane.  It is the option called "Scan COmputers from OU."


3) This feature can be found on the Other Settings tab under the Admin Pane.


4) That feature is on our roadmap but did not make it into this build.  That feature is listed in error, and we will fix that as soon as possible.  I apologize for the error.


5) As long as the client can communicate with the server, it will still report back and can be updated.


Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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