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What is the point of a touch screen on a laptop?

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My friend was looking at new laptops at Best Buy yesterday. I was playing with the touch screens, and Windows 8. It looks like Windows 8 was made to go hand in hand with the touch screen. Why would anyone want a touch screen laptop? Is it better for carpal tunnel? I don't see any benefit in the touch screen.


Will future versions of Windows still honor the touch screen format? Or will most people realize it's annoying to touch your screen?

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Because smart phone and tablet sales have sky rocketed and Microsoft was betting the farm that everyone was moving in that direction and thus wanted their OS to more mimic the look and feel of a smart phone/tablet.   Sales of Windows 8 though pretty much prove Microsoft dropped the ball on that one.

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A Tablet can be a very helpful aid to many people. One of which would be my wife, she has MS and is not very good with her hands. Her Tablet goes with her outside or where ever we go and takes pictures or she can Skype, her laptop is too clumsy and the use of a mouse is sometimes difficult for her.

There are many more people and reasons...........

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Thank you. That's good to know. That explains who would like a touch screen too. People who prefer not to type. Touch screen would be good for a family computer, then - children (with clean hands) could use it. Very handy for people who would want to home-school because children could interact with educational programs at an earlier age, if these programs were created.

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