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Windows 8 Defender gets automatically disabled?

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About Windows 8 and Windows Defender...

I have read that when an additional antivirus gets installed, Windows Defender gets disabled automatically.

I suppose that this happens only when such additional antivirus has a real-time protection active, and shouldn't happen with on-demand-only antivirus/antimalware programs like Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free.


Is this correct?



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I suppose this would depend on the AV you are installing. I know that some antivirus products will fail the install if Windows Defender is active and running at the time. I have had to go and manually disable windows defender in order to install the anti-virus software I was attempting to install. So other vendors may disable it automatically for you. I myself would rather do it manually instead of having the installer do it.

As for Malwarebytes, it can work alongside windows defender without having to disable it.

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Hello ThomasB,

Windows 8 "Windows Defender" is a full fledged antivirus program from Microsoft.

If you do not have your own "antivirus" then you can keep on using that Windows Defender.

Otherwise, yes, when you install a 3rd-party antivirus app, it will "turn off" the Win8 Windows Defender.

That is intended to prevent having two simultaneous antivirus apps running all at the same time.

Beyond all this, please do not confuse our antimalware program, as being a "antivirus". That it is not. It is a anti "malware". It is a compliment to, a supplement for a antivirus.

It is not a "replacement" for an A-V.

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