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Is there mush room for a few pics?


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Yes - they're my photos. The first is a fairy toadstool and its inedible. The second is a Fairy Cap (or inkcap) and although they're supposed to be edible they're not highly regarded. I don't know what the third and fourth are - they're the same species, its just that the single one was only just emerging (apologies for the phallic nature!).

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Thanks Ron,


I took that one when I was in Holland fishing this year and there wasn't much action. I noticed this particular damsel fly sitting on my rod rest, chasing all others away then coming back and it wasn't at all perturbed by the fact that with my Fuji X20 I must have been only about 4 inches away from it. Thanks for looking at my site! I'm still trying to find my way with it.

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yeppers ... david beat me to it .



fleeting photo ops ... some of those mushrooms go off fairly fast .


@ OP :

apologies for the phallic nature ?

naaaa .... those aint phallic

(why am i reminded of a scene from "blazing saddles" ?)


i carried a couple of pieces of plywood in my kit to place on the ground/log/what-have-you to set the camera on ... and one of those "shorty" tripods .

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