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False Positive Submission


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Hi Team,


We are a security Testing company; with major expertise is false-positive detection and removal for our customers.


Apparently, your Anti-Virus (Malwarebytes) is showing the threat on to one of our customers' products. The customer is a legitimate company and does not involved with any kind of malicious activity.


The threat was detected while exe scanning and scanning the installed folder. The exe can be downloaded from the URL:



Exe: HomeTab.exe

Threat: PUP.Optional.HomeTab.A


We will appreciate if you can remove this alert for this file. If there is anything specific that we need to change in order to avoid such events in the future, please let us know and we will take necessary actions


Please let me know in case of any query





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  • Staff



Detection will stay as PUP.

Main reasons are:

* During install, it has the "Set search.certified-toolbar.com as my default search prechecked

* When I uncheck, it still sets default searches to above.

* It claims to be a search and browsing enhancement add-on, while its main goal is basically advertisement, which means, it stores keystrokes used in search/pages you visited and other info from your pc in order to deliver targetted ads via searches. This is basically low risk Adware.

* Delivered ads are mainly scam/dating sites

* I cannot change my homepage back, an extra component monitors changes and reverts back to hometab without giving an option to keep the homepage you set

* It's ridiculously slow - takes ages before pages load - often crashes my browser

* Uninstalling the app shows a screen that keeping search.certified-toolbar.com as my default search is the recommended option and has this prechecked. This is deceptive (hence, I originally never selected this option during install anyway, but it ignored this).

* This application was submitted to us by many users as unwanted

* https://www.google.com/search?name=f&hl=en&q=hometab#hl=en&q=hometab+widdit - this clearly shows many removal guides and pages where users didn't want to have this in the first place - This is exacly one of the main reasons why we list something as PUP (Potential Unwanted Program, in this case, unwanted by the user)


Note, since we detect as PUP, the scan results are not prechecked by default - so this means, if the user willingly installed this, they should also know that they shouldn't check for removal.

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