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[SOLVED] Shielded applications now listed in negative values


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I have just updated to and under the 'general' tab the shielded applications are now listed in negative values, meaning that right now it says that -3 applications are being shielded and the log only lists one application.


I have tried clearing the logs, stopping / restarting the program, rebooting the computer but the problem still persists.


This is a new problem for me and has only appeared with the latest build and I haven't seen anyone else report this issue.


Is there any explanation for this ?

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Thank you for letting me know.


For some reason the application counter is all over the place again with this latest build. Sometimes it lists 0 applications, other times it does accurately list the number of shielded apps, but the minus values is new to me.


I just wanted to double check that it is just a superficial bug (on the surface so to speak) and that the program itself is still functioning and offering protection.


I hope you get it all worked out soon. Looking forward to the finished product :)

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That's re-assuring because right now according to MBAE minus 8 applications are currently being shielded !


I still think having the shielded apps counter on the general tab is a useful (and reassuring) feature so I think you should keep it in future versions if you can.


Provided of course you can work out the bug and ensure that it provides an accurate real-time count.

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I have a problem similiar to this - my shielded apps counter is perpetually zero, but I can see that all my apps are shielded by looking at the MBAE log tab, which states that each respective app is protected. All my apps that are covered by MBAE's protection are auto-run on system start-up and I suspect this is causing the app counter not to register them as MBAE and respective apps are started up simultaneously. If I close, lets say my 2 browsers (Opera and Firefox) after system startup and re-open them again, the shielded app counter does register their protection in that instance. Just thought this would be something the dev team would like to be aware of.

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  • Staff

I think this is a different problem AJ84.

Probably since your apps are starting before or during the start of the MBAE GUI that's why they are not being recorded in the counter.

But this should not affect protection. You can verify that they are protected by using the tools mentioned here:


We'll take a closer look at this for future betas.

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