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Install SQL question

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We have a 30 user trial license and have an issue with the install. We have a Windows 2008 server that we would like to only install the management console on. The management server with the database on it will be another Windows 2008 server with SQL 2008 Standard.The issue is the server that will run the console happens to have SQL 2005 on it for another purpose. When I run the install it immediatly fails telling me the local SQL 2005 needs to be upgraded.


Is there anyway to run this setup so that it doesnt "assume" I'm going to be using the local SQL and allow me to choose a remote instance? The admin guide clearly shows that I should be able to do this, but I dont even get the option. We were told it was a fully functional trial, but we wonder if the trial install package is a little diffrent than the paid.


Anyone see this before? We were suppose to be contacted by support people who work with companies trialing the software, but have not heard back. This is kind of urgent and we were a concerned that it took days to get someone to give us a quote for this product and we dont have time to wait for a support person that may never contact us.



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Similar issue here.  Installer for 1.3 complains about database upgrade and then quits before actually doing anything.  Server is Windows 2008 Std (x86).  MEE is  When running installer for 1.3, it gives following message (attached: msg1.jpg).  I click "YES" to upgrade and it immediately fails with: "Installation Incomplete.  Installer interrupted.." (attached: msg2.jpg).


I do have another app running on this same machine that is using Firebird SQL, but I would hope that the MEE installer was smart enough to ignore that and only pay attention to the MS SQL 2008 that was bundled with MEE in the first place.


What's the next step?  How do I get the installer to actually do it's job?



Tony B.




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