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Re: false paths detect recent update & ATI Multi


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I read the false path detection comment & thought that fhis might be in that realm, but I am not certain.

After recent updates of Malwarebytes & subsequent scans I twice started to experience some bugs with my ATI multimedia video recording program. Malwarebytes said it should remove some pups, but I question if they ever existed.

I ran cCleaner registry & it later showed a missing app in the ATI Multimedia folder & therefore an invalid path to "yourapp.exe". I have been using these programs for years (ATI Version: 7.9). I don't remember ever seeing a file by that name, but I think that possibly this mysterious empty path might have shown up after both scans that left my ATI program in buggy condition.

The only way to repair ATI Multi' is to do a complete de-installation of ATI Multimedia, & of course re-installation which I suppose means that some file (but not "yourapp.exe) was removed.

Mind you, this is total theory. I also scan with Avast antivirus but I can find nothing in regard to this detection in either log or quarantine of both programs.

I hope that I'm not simply clogging up your blog with useless information, but in spite of evidence to back up this idea, a bell went off after reading about your false paths problem which seemed to explain some of these recent annoying problems which I have been dealing with.

As usual, thanks for the space to communicate.

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This false path detections were if you had version 7 of eset installed. They were just that false paths and the files never existed on the system so i doubt this was your problem.


Best thing to do is to reinstall your app and scan the file with right click context menu scan and see if either avast or mbam detect it.


I really need to see detection logs though to see if any were a false positive on the pups.

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