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Malware Triggered by Signature


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You are listing this application as a virus. We Just completed an analysis today of this to get the actual detection methods you are using, which will be provided to our attorney.



- Malwarebytes Their windows version both pro / trial finds no viruses, in fact I don't even think it supports
  scanning apk files.
  * Your Android scanner is picking up on the company signature file and labelling it as "TRacer" malware (since
     tracer uses the same Killermobile certificate of course. If I install Total Recall 2.0 with another signature it reports
     nothing and labels the app as "not harmful".
   So once again, purely a company signature check from these guys. All play store variants will be branded malware
   until they remove it from their database.

Your scanners don't even bother to check for actual threats and
you label it malware if it contains a reference to the company name
either by package name or the app certificate.

I can only classify it as a slandery scanner, not a trojan scanner.

Please rectify this with urgency. We'll seek actual & punitive damages to the fullest extent of the law and will work to set a precedent that will hopefully lead to a wave of similar suits due to your reckless, unfair and extremely sloppy practices.



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