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The NSA knows all.. :)

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The great news is many never tell the truth even at home, so much of the information is bogus LOL . I love to talk to my self knowing some one may be listening in and then watch to see if what I had said gets used , and there has been pleanty. Me paranoide, well I was in a anex going to try to become and engineer and decided I did not want that, Naval Ship yard Engineer. Now I am to senile but not so bad that I can't catch my own words being used , Did any of you watch that movie "Men who Talk to Goats"?  It tells a lot about Inuaguration or in Auguary , and we don't have any Augars

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Before bush and obama were running against eachother  for the presidancy , I was a home depot talking to a young black man, He worked there but also said he worked as a healer, I said something about the fact that one day there would be a black president in order to create a better union and laughed my fanny off when bush said those exact words after he lost to obama ...Am I nuts ..any ones call !

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I just woke up and pulled up the lid to the laptop and it said  "would you like to force the user to log off?" So here I go again, does no good to clean out my computer some one keeps getting in. I know I logged out yesterday. Done paying for reformatting !

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LOL , I was listening to a radio station and the man being interviewed was military and said that Bush actually did have a unit assigned to stare at goats. He said much of that movie was pure nonsense, but that part about the goats was a actual fact and the odd thing about that was the goat what was in subject to that stare-down did not die, but the goat next to it did. I laughed , it reminded me of that wacky wizard in the old Bull Winkle cartoons.

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