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Cant start my Vista laptop - long welcome loop.


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My Vista laptoop Has been having troubles, but I have been able to get on up til now.


Today I was able to get to the Windows signon, then sighnon, but then the computer went into an endless 'welcome' loop.  Eventually forced shutdown.


Have tried to get on in Safe Mode.  Same thing


Finally I got the following Windows error message:


The instruction at 0x00bf1e8e referenced memory at 0x000001fe.  The memory could not be written.  Click OK to terminate program.


Anyone got any ideas as to how to get past this?



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Yes, Ron warned me that other symptoms were indicating a failing hard drive, but I was still able to get on and work normally for hours at a time over a period of weeks.  But now it seems the end has come.


I have already ordered a Windows 7 laptop to replace it, but hoped to keep it going for a few more days, perhaps.  And I'm hoping that my Malwarebytes Secure Backups will be restorable to my new Toshiba Windows 7 laptop.


But today, an attempted normal startup got to the signon screen, I signed on, then it went to the 'welcome' screen for about 30 minutes, before crashing with the following message:


STOP: c000021a {Fatal System Error}

The Windows subsystem system process terminated unexpectedly with a status of 

0xc0000005 (0x75879529 0x00bef3f4).

The system has been shut down.

collecting data for crash dump. . .


contact your system admin or technical support group for further assistance.


So that's where I stand now.

Using F8 on startup, I am able to get to the repair screen, but don't know if any options would help.

Have tried to get  up in safe mode, but no go.


Any suggestions?

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barring the running of a SMART drive data reader (the drive would have to be slaved into another system to do this) ...


if the HD is failing (and it certainly seems to be doing just that from the symptoms described here and elsewhere) ...

trying to run it is like chewing on a bad piece of tough steak ... it just gets bigger .

or , it is like driving a car with the rods knocking ... at some point (real soon) it will totally crater and there you are , dead along side the road .

normal procedure for those that deal with "failing drives" on a daily basis is to make a "bit copy" (aka : clonegrown) of the failing drive ...

the copied (or sometimes called "imaged") drive can then be manipulated for data retrieval with no risk of further data loss/corruption .


bottom line ... as you are doing things , you are fighting a loosing battle and actually making matters worse .

about the best thing to do is simply stop trying to "fix" a drive that is dying to prevent further damage to the data (etc) .

then , if you are not familiar with the ins and outs of "data retrieval" and/or do not want to tackle something with a steep learning curve ...

have someone that does such work retrieve the important files/data (as is possible) .

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Amaziingly, I've gotten on today normally, after several more crashes.  This time (it always comes up to the signon screen, giving me a choice of Ralph (admin) or Guest (no signon)), but if I choose Ralph, it goes into a Welcome loop, then crashes.


This time, I got on as Guest, and that desktop came up, allowiing me to get onto Chrome, as well as this forum, and even Windows Explorer, on which I copied some of my vital files to a 16G flash drive.  Most were already threre.  The system runs smoothly and nice as long as I don't try to sign on, which is where there is an unwriteable sector, I think.


Hopefully, now, I have most of what I'll need to migrate to my new Windows 7 laptop, when it arrives.


Though I'm not sure about my Windows Mail.

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