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PUP.Optional.FreeNew.A on Iobit


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Hi guys. I wanted to use Iobit uninstaller to completely remove an app from my system. But 1st i said i should to a search with mbam pro to check the app. When scan completed it showed me that has found PUP.Optional.FreeNew.A. So i am unsure weather i should run the application or not. Is it safe to run it? Or is just a false/positive? I have to say that the iobit installer was donwloaded from their official website.

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This isn't really a false positive - it's potential unwanted program (PUP) since Iobit bundled many additional apps here which most users may not want but end up installing anyway because these are often prechecked via installation screens as recommended.

So it's totally safe to install this iobit uninstaller program, but please read the installscreens properly and uncheck/click skip for the additional programs it offers (if you don't want them).

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Hi Sassi,

They are currently using the FreeNew downloader to install the target application.


The FreeNew downloader bundles multiple additional applications.(Some are opt in and in the case of the following screenshot is no option but to install a secondary application).


Since some people would only want the original application and not the additional applications then the behavour might be considered Potentially Unwanted by some users.




It is end users choice whether they wish to accept the extra applications but our detection is alerting to the present of the download wrapper and not on the target application.



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