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Since DDoS BleepingComputer difference in MalwareBytes download hashes?..


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Since DDoS BleepingComputer difference in MalwareBytes download hashes?..


Hello, To Whom It May Concern, this is my introduction on this forum:


The reason is because I needed a fresh copy of MalwareBytes last week, & on that moment there was a DDoS-attack in progress on Bleepingcomputer.com (Information regarding October 10th's DDOS attack - News).


I got it later from MalwareBytes.org directly.


Later I checked BleepingComputer.com again after the DDos, & downloaded also a copy of MalwareBytes. Because BleepingComputer.com is an official mirror, & I'm quite security-minded, I checked the hashes.


They did not compare... I triple-triple checked...


There are not only differences in the hashes, but also, obvious, in file-size, & digital signatures.


First I wrote an article about it on the Dutch forum of Security.nl, where I have bin advised to warn MalwareBytes.org as well as BleepingComputer.com. Hereby...


Therefore the question: Who (& why) is what wrong?


Ilja. _\\//


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It is the exact same program except that each affiliate has their own ID so that they get credit for the download.


So the MD5 has will be different for every affiliate.


The program from Bleepingcomputer is safe and if one ever does have a doubt about any file you can manually submit it and have it scanned by https://www.virustotal.com


Thank you

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