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Task Manager open on boot after PUP.Conduit removal

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Using Windows XP Pro


About a week ago I used RogueKiller to get rid of "PUP.Conduit.A and PUP.Optional.Conduit" and a few other PUP that MalwareBytes was flagging. My MagicJack was also doing a delayed start. Having MalwareBytes remove them worked fine, but they were always there on a subsequent full scan, and it did not fix the MagicJack phone startup.


Anyhow I used RogueKiller, and it has removed them, as well as fixed some registery entries. After several MalwareByte scans the PUP.xxx have not returned.


The problem now, and it is a small one, is that on bootup, the Taskmanager stays open. It isn't a big deal to close the Task Manager after a boot, but would like to not have to bother with it. It doesn A google "Task Manager stays OR remains open" hasn't been any help.The Task Manager does not show up in msconfig, or my utility for editing startup programs.


So how can I keep my Task Manager from being open on boot?


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