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Malwarebytes and Windows Update


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Based on two different systems XP 32Bit and W7 Ultimate 64 Bit and on what i noticed today:

- it seems (if I am not wrong) that malwarebytes now identifies some components of the Windows Update (eg "New updates available", ...) as (PUP.Optional.BundleInstaller.A).


In fact I have noticed on W7 that after having deleted some files identified as PUP and tried to shut down W7 proposed a shut down with installation of updates but no installation occurred.

Finally I was able to update my system using Windows Update of IE.


I detected a similar situation after having run on XP the quick scan and I noticed that the advice symbol for a "New updates available" disappeared when i put a PUP file in the quarantaine.

Here also I saved the situation using the Windows Update of IE.


1) are these assomptions right ?

2) would it be possible to identify the PUP's which are elements of Windows Update as "part of Windows Update" ?


Thanks in advance for your answers,


Kind regards




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Hi Fred2Stroke.


Please can you zip and attach a MBAM log for the detection and also if possible a file for which the MBAM is detecting.


*You might have to turn off our realtime protection module, inorder to restore from quarantine.Then re-enable the protection module once you have a zipped copy of the file.


Thanks in advance.

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Hi Fatcuk,


Here after you find the MBAM log with the concerned "PUP" put in quarantaine (and later on deleted).


I have added also a pdf of a screen print which shows the "Service Pack 2 for Microsoft Office 2010" wich was not installed during shut down as choosen.

(I had made this choice, proposed when I tried to restart in order to really delete the "PUP" as requiested by MBAM)


This "Service Pack 2 for Microsoft Office 2010" was installed later on using "Windows Update" of Internet Explorer.


I hope this can help you,





mbam-log-2013-10-16 (22-58-13).zip

Update did not work - worked only when using IE.pdf

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Hi Fred2Stoke,


I really am bamboolzed by what you are reporting.


Without having the file from the log i cant with 100% certainty troubleshoot whether its a bad def or whether it something peculiar to your setup(s) but if we were affecting windows updating process i would expect to have seen a flood of reports from end users with simillar issues.


That said if you could verify whether the behaviour is repeated again by trying to install the failed update one more time.

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  • Staff

Hi Fred2stroke,


I don't think that the PUP detection has anything to do with your Windows update - it just might have been possible that MBAM realtime protection triggered that file in your %TEMP% location during Windows update (enumerating the temp folder).

The Windows Update notifier component is in no way loaded from your TEMP folder, so having mbam quarantine whatever it has found didn't delete that "popup notifier" :)

From your screenshot I can see that your Windows updates, including Service Pack 2 for Microsoft Office 2010 were installed correctly. Ofcourse this was not installed prior to a reboot, because some Windows components can only be updated after a reboot (since they were in use previously).


So there's nothing to worry about here at all :)

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Hi miekiemoes, hi Fatdcuk,


Thanks for your replies. Under the present conditions, considering the provided information, I can only agree with your statements.

Nether the less it is very strange that on booth systems of my pc (equipped with a plug-in module which enables to change the disk "C" when the system is shut down. I have two different disks, one with XP Pro 32 and one with W7 Ultimate 64). For both systems have observed a similar behavior.

In fact I've observed that the process of windows update (in the hot phase, e.g. after download  and before installation was stopped when the when «PUP.Optional.BundleInstaller.A» that had been detected by Free MBAM ("manual" quick scan) was put in quarantaine (and deleted). The example from W7 has been shown as information. For W7 when I wanted to restart I had the supplementary choice "Install the Updates and Shut down" or "Shut down without Installation of the Updates". I selected "Install the Updates and Shut down" but there was no Update installation.

For XP the situation was a little more complicated because I had still remaining problems (PUP.Optional.Conduit.A) as I have detected it after the fact by a full scan. PUP.Optional.Conduit.A was apparently installed as I had installed DIVX. "Conduit" could be totally removed using Free MBAM.

But also for XP when I made a "manual Quick Scan" between the download of Windows Update and the installation of Windows Update the Symbol "Update ready for installation" disappeared from "Information bar" (right side on the bottom of the screen) exactly when I removed the PUP which was detected.

In November, when "Windows Update" will be available I will test if that phenomenon will occur again. In this test I will also include two other machines, both with XP Home 32.
I will inform you about what I have observed.
As I am not at home in the update period of November you will get this information a little bit later.

I would be happy if your statement can be confirmed!

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  • 4 weeks later...

Hi miekiemoes, hi Fatdcuk,

as I have announced on the 17th of October, I made yesterday a "quick scan" between the download and the installation of the Windows Updates from November, this for several computers and one laptop.
For the different systems MBAM did not detect any PUP. On all my machines the Windows Updates could be realized without problems.

Kind regards,


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