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Hello and :welcome:

I do not believe that the PRO version of Malwarebytes will incorporate MBAE or MBAR into one package. These will remain as separate products as far as I know. (Of course this is my opinion as I do not work with Malwarebytes, but if I am wrong someone on the staff will correct me).

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If I recall correctly, I do believe it was Ron who said that it wasn't a good idea to incorporate them into one program, because if the one program is disabled by the infection, then its all broken, hence why its multiple programs(aside from the fact those 2 programs are in beta)

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That is very true, but up to a point.


The objective of malware is to deliver its payload and to have the payload running on the victim's computer as long as possible.  To effectuate that objective malware will employ various self preservation techniques.  They could be to block access to signature hosts, block all EXE file execution, block explicitly named executables, corrupt a component of a program or utility and numerous more.  To thwart these self preservation techniques, MBAM has produced the Chameleon technology.  Eventually the malicious actors will thwart that as well.  Thus an ongoing battle ensues.  Therefore it is logical to incorporate functionality of MBAR and MBAE in the MBAM product and to have separate standalone versions as well to thwart self preservation techniques.

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