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[SOLVED] Latest MBAE install blocked by avast! Free unless...


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I just installed Mbae. YOu can see the time of transfer in my last post.   Avast was updated prior to installing.  Might also note, the Mbae install, regardless of what Avast did, was successful.   Mbae Working as it should be.  Mbae Test  verified

No problem with latest MBAE and Avast 2014 on either XP or Win8 Pro 64 Bit.

With the latest Avast technology some of the setting (Hardened Mode) can cause applications to Not Start.

But as I say I personally have not seen any conflict on my system :)

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Issue reported in above posts has been Resolved.   Following a Avast Program Update and def updates, No threat detected.  All GUD, 


+2 ; all OK now..


Hey @Randy - where ya been?? Board's been dead for months.. Even miss @MT16's one-smiley posts.. ;)

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