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WHY the MBAR betas have an expiration date..

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I've received several PMs as to why the MBAR betas have an expiration date. Rather than being asked the same question by more than one individual, here is the general answer.


All of Malwarebyte "beta" products carry an expiration date. A newer BETA of that same product is released some time BEFORE the current beta version expires. The reason for a beta expiring is to ensure that people HAVE to start using the newer, usually better, beta version instead of an older version whose defects haven't been fixed. Users usually report problems on a particular beta, thus the newer beta fixes THOSE problems.

Once a beta has no reports of wide-ranging problems (a problem that affects many programs rather than a specific program..) it usually becomes a "Release Candidate".. The RC versions are used until the final effort is released as a final, 99.99999% working product..


The released NON-beta/RC product is called "Final" meaning that particular version (i.e; version 1.XX Final, for example) is finally released to the general public with no known problems. It doesn't mean that the program won't be further refined into a better product version at some time in the future. It simply means it's safe for the normal users to use with little fear of problems or machine failure.


(EXCEPTIONS: Some other software companies/products just use the "beta, then direct to final" model and some use the "RCs as public betas, then direct to final" model while their actual program alphas/betas are internal only.)





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